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Mailing ten or more Certified Mail pieces a day? Read on

The Postal Service’s eCertified program provides a sophisticated tracking and reporting system for Certified Mail. What our e-certified system mailers can:

  • Improve the process of creating and tracking Certified Mail
  • Save money

If you are mailing ten or more Certified Mail letters a day though the US Postal Service then you should be taking advantage of the USPS’s eCertified program.

Our Certified Mail Solution will save your organization time and money!

  • Use electronic return receipt and pay $1.40 less per piece, while still using your existing mailing machine to pay for the postage
  • Take the guesswork out of knowing the whereabouts of your certified mail piece
    • Track delivery and attempted delivery
    • Information is stored in a searchable database
    • Can add custom fields (such as case or client numbers)
    • Collect return signatures digitally
  • Automatically, and more quickly
    • Create Certified Mail cards and labels automatically – no more handwriting green cards
    • Print mailing and record labels automatically at your workstation
  • Can import addresses from an address book, or build an address book as you mail