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Improve Vendor Relations and Controls

The Accounts Payable process starts with collecting purchase orders and linking them to vendor invoices. By combining data capture of vendor invoices and automated workflow, your team can efficiently process payments.

Working with our partner we provide an automated workflow platform that will:

  • Improve controls
  • Eliminate duplicate payments
  • Enable visibility of invoices and accruals
  • Capture discounts or make just in time payments, and
  • Improve productivity and cash flow

Invoices can be scanned at your facility or at our US based scanning center and reconciled with purchase orders. The automated workflow solution will ensure that all necessary authorizations are received and payments made, according to a set of predetermined rules. Plus, standard and ad hoc reports are instantly available to management and authorized personnel.

We can also help you print and mail checks or make the necessary electronic payments, saving the hassle of printing and mailing checks, reducing expenses and the need for specialized equipment.