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Reduce DSOs and uncollectables through better A/R management

Collecting payments from customers is as important as making the sale. Unfortunately, there is that set of customers which like to delay payment for a long as possible. Handicapping the collections department is the lack of easily accessible information.

The A/R application links the invoice with all supporting documents, from order to payment and everything in between (order, picking/packing, shipping, invoice, payment history) which will:

  • Reduce DSO and unauthorized dilution
  • Speed up cash application and reconciliation
  • Improve productivity and cash flow

Collections personnel will no longer have to bounce from system to system to get the information they need to resolve collections questions. This will save time and minimize their need to call clients back when they do have the information available.

At the end of the day, enabling the A/R team to more professionally address customer questions and concerns, on the spot, will result in faster payments, reduced write-offs, fewer wasteful callbacks/delays and fewer man-hours.