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Using your shipping data to reduce cost and improve efficiencies

Shipping costs continue to rise, carrier invoices and reports can be complex and the deck is stacked in favor of the carrier.

What if you could have a practical tool which:

  • Identifies shipments in trouble
  • Measures carrier performance against delivery commitments
  • Generates reports identifying UPS, FedEx and DHL overcharges and automates refund requests
  • Provides useful reports and detailed analysis to:
    • Recommend operational changes to ship more cost effectively
    • Identify duplicate or unnecessary expenses
    • Consolidate all shipping locations for enterprise visibility
    • Identify ways to ship smarter
    • Put you in a stronger position when negotiating rates with the carriers

To provide these capabilities, we use ShipMatrix’s cloud based solution to analyze your shipping invoices.  Our service enhances parcel visibility and invoice auditing is completely automated.

There are absolutely no IT resources or any integration with any company systems required. Custom reports such as general ledger codes, enabling shipping charges to be applied automatically to your accounting system are also available.