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Integrated Document and Bill Presentment Services

The business environment is changing rapidly, and mailing and billing are no exceptions

Two of the biggest trends in the mailing industry over the last ten years have been:

  • Companies moving to outsource mailings, and
  • Electronic delivery

As experts, let us take the worry and complexity out of your customer communications delivery.  By bringing together the right resources we can handle some or all of your delivery needs, including:

  • Printing and Mailing Hard Copy Communications
  • eDelivery (Portal Archiving/Retrieval and PUSH)
  • ePayment

What’s holding you back?

Printing and mailing costs are out of control; customers want to get their mail in many different ways; and the US Postal Service makes the rules so complex that sometimes we want to throw up our hands and surrender.

Rather than surrendering, send your print file to us. We will:

  • Manage the delivery by the customer’s preferred choice
  • Provide you with detailed tracking reports, and
  • Secure for you big savings

You can choose one or all of the delivery channels to start, and add others later.

  • Just want to outsource your printed bills and statements? No problem.
  • Want to keep the printing and mailing in-house and have us deliver your statements and bills electronically? That’s also a great way to start.
  • Want to outsource the entire process? We are ready to support your needs today and in the future.

In Summary

Send us your daily Print/Mail file and we’ll do it all:

  • Deliver documents/bills in the customer’s preferred delivery method
  • Issue timely status reports
  • Provide regular payment reconciliation files
  • Provide marketing and operational advice to help you maximize electronic delivery and minimize billing and collection expenses